Answers to Your Questions About Divorce and the House

Divorce. It can be an incredibly physically, mentally and emotionally draining experience. And there are no easy answers to any of the tough questions. However, there are many great websites, locations and professionals that can help offer different types of advice as you navigate your separation.

We here at Housing Gurus hope to shed some light about your house. We’ll explore some of the in’s and out’s of what to think about and to do with your house as you work through divorce. Housing is one small piece of the big puzzle, but we hope that this information is informative and helpful.

Divorce & The House 101

What happens to the house when you get a divorce? Is there a mortgage? How is it taxed? How can we split the house?

Consider Your Options

Should you stay in the house? Rent it? List it? Sell it quickly?

Sell to An Investor

The easiest option might be to sell the property and problem to an experienced investor.