Answers to Your Code Enforcement Problems

Have you gotten that letter saying you’ve got a code violation? Or have you gotten a note or door hanger left on your property from the code enforcement officer? Are they threatening to fine you unless you get into compliance?

Receiving a code violation and working with code enforcement can really take the wind out of your sail. Whether it’s the house you live in or another property that you own, like a rental, you’ve got a big headache on your hands. Working with your municipality will likely be an expensive and time-consuming process. The cost to fix the problem, get your dwelling into compliance, or fight the case in court can be very challenging. However, it’s smart to address the problem as soon as you can, and not ignore it.

Code Enforcement 101

Who is code enforcement? What do they do? What type of violation is this?

Now What Happens?

Oops, you’ve gotten a code violation! What to expect and your next steps . . .

Consider Your Options

Fix it, sell it, fight it . . . what should you do?

Sell to An Investor

The easiest option might be to sell the property and problem to an experienced investor.