About Us

We are real estate investors, plain and simple! Over the years, we’ve come to specialize in buying distressed property, such as ones in the midst of the code violation process. Being in the real estate game has proven both challenging and exciting over the years. We’ve seen markets shift up and down, movement of investors in and out of markets, changes in asset classes, and the general transformation of real estate. Investing in real estate proves to be a challenge every single day, but we love the thrill and the adventure it offers.

With our many years of experience, conversations we’ve had, houses we’ve seen, and properties we’ve bought, we wanted to give back to any property owners going through situations like we’ve experienced. We hope this website and content has answered some of your questions about the code violation process. Going through the code enforcement process for violations both big and small can be a really hard job. And once you begin to think about fixing the property, hiring contracts and paying for all the work, this can quickly become a nightmare.

Please use the information provided on this website for high level understanding of the matter, but always be sure to get your local attorney, property manager, and contractor involved as you dig into the matter.

And as always, if you decide that you don’t want to go through the code compliance process, please let us know! We’re always on the lookout for our next property to purchase, and we’d love the chance to talk more!

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