Consider Your Options

When it comes to code violations and working with code enforcement, you really need to focus on doing at least something. You’ve got a few different approaches, depending on what you’d prefer to do. For most nuisance violations and maintenance violations you’ll probably have the chance to fix it, fight it, or sell it.

This may be the most straightforward answer of them all! Your municipality has given you all the information you need to know, such as what the violation is, what the fine is, and when you have to have the work completed by.

For simple code violations that you want to fix, you might be able to call up your handyman or the property manager and let them know what has to get done. This may be as simple as cutting the grass or replacing a gutter. Be sure to read the code violation and work with your code enforcement officer to make sure you’re doing what is required.

For more complex jobs, you may need to call up a contractor to complete the work. When you’re considering hiring a contractor, remember to do a few things:

  • Always get multiple bids
  • Always get your bids in writing
  • Check references and past customers
  • Check a Better Business Bureau rating
  • Also remember that price can sometime reflect quality
    • (The cheapest might not always be the best)

Your municipality will usually stop by your property after the work has been completed to verify the property maintenance and ensure the violation has been taken care of. Make sure to read your code enforcement notice to understand the re-inspection timeframe and process. Some municipalities will conduct an inspection without notice and others will ask that you contact your code enforcement officer.

Make sure to fully read and understand your code violation and the notice that was given to you. In some municipalities, you’ll have the option to attend a hearing to dispute the violation or to request a secondary inspection because you believe there isn’t actually a violation.

If you want to pursue this route, be sure to contact your local municipality, and understand your options. Every city, county and state have their own rules about the matter, and the last thing you want to do is do break the rule and receive more fines!

Would you prefer to put the whole matter aside and not have to worry about the code violations or fixing up the property? If you’d like to “cash out” from your property and sell it ‘as-is’, it’s actually quite easy to do so.

You’ll be able to sell the property in the condition it’s in today, without having to put any money, time or energy into it. When you sell in a situation like this, your buyer will likely be an investor who purchases homes needing TLC. It is good to remember that investors won’t pay top dollar for your property. However, in most situations they are able to cash you out of the property, buy it with all the code violations, and close very quickly. If this interests you, make sure to click HERE!

Sell your House