Consider Your Options

When an eviction is on the horizon, there are generally three solutions you’re going to have: work it out, sell the property, or evict the tenant. Each option has pros and cons, so it’s well worth weighing all of the options before you jump right into evicting the tenant.

Does this sound too simple? Sometimes the easy solutions are actually the best solutions.

Try to have a rational and non-argumentative conversation with your tenant. First off, inform them of what the problem is (not paying rent, breach of lease, ect.). Let them know that you value them as a tenant and you’d like to keep them around if they’d like to stay in the house. Let them know that you don’t fully know their side of the story, and ask what it going on to cause the problem. Sympathize with them, but also let them know what needs to happen to correct the problem. If they can’t meet the request, they will be evicted from the house. Inform them that this isn’t a solution you’d prefer, but you will need to pursue it if the problem isn’t fixed.


  • Fastest way to potentially fix the problem
  • It doesn’t cost you a dime
  • Open communication is often the healthiest way to fix a problem
  • Will help you to establish a relationship and goal with the tenant


  • You may arrive back at square one

Have you considered selling your property [and the entire eviction problem] to another investor?

Surprisingly enough, many investors are very willing to buy properties, even if there are tenant problems! Established investors have the experience and connections to deal with the eviction process much more easily than most people, so they are willing to accept a property in this situation. They’ll be able to purchase your property very quickly with cash, will buy it in ‘as-is’ condition, are willing to accept your tenant problems. You can wash your hands of the problem and give it to somebody else to deal with!


  • No need to worry about evicting your tenant
  • Get cash for your property
  • Save time, energy, and money on legal fees
  • Get rid of the headache in the next 30 days


  • You won’t get the top dollar price for your property

We work with a handful of established investors that constantly buy distressed properties and problems. If you’d like to sell your property or hear more about this easy solution, let us help you. Click HERE!

If you’re getting to this option on the list, then buckle up your seat belt. This road can be very bumpy and tough to navigate. This option will be the most expensive and time consuming; however, we’ve got some great ideas and suggestions for you. Make sure you follow your local and state law closely. This is very important in keeping this option as pain-free as you can make it.


  • Can get the uncooperative tenant out
  • Get a new, qualified tenant living in your property


  • You’ll spend a lot of time and energy
  • Can be very costly (attorney fees, court costs, and lost rent)
  • No guarantee you’ll win your eviction lawsuit
  • Your tenant may damage your property
  • No guarantee of collecting the money you’re owed
Sell your House