How To Sell

Have you considered selling your property? Or at least explored the option to at least see how much you might be able to sell it for?

For homeowners in the middle of a crisis, selling the property and the problem can often times be one of the best solutions. You’ll be able to walk away from the entire situation, and get money to do it!

There are typically two ways to sell a house: either listing it on the open market or selling directly to somebody. Both options have pros and cons, and it’s well worth your time to investigate them fully before you decide which route may be best for you.

Listing Your Property With an Agent...

…means you find a broker or agent, and hire them to represent you. They will help you determine a price, advertise your house, and hopefully find a buyer for your property. They will also help you get…

  • Market Condition

    Both the agent and buyer will likely ask you to do repairs to your property before you sell.

  • Slow Answers

    When you use an agent, it can take longer to act because there are more people and decision makers involved.

  • Find a Buyer: Maybe

    Listing the property simply means you put out the information about the house and hope to find a buyer.

  • Slow Sale

    Once you find a buyer, it may take another 45-60+ days before you’ll actually sell your house and get paid.

  • Financing

    Most normal buyers need to go to a bank to get a loan to buy a house. This can hold up the transaction.

  • Market Pricing

    The best price you’ll get for your property will likely come from listing the property with an agent.

Selling Your Property To An Investor...

…means that you avoid all of the hassle of listing the house and hoping to find a buyer. Instead, you’ve got an experienced investor-buyer, and you sell your property right to them. It also means…

  • As-Is Condition

    Imagine not making a single repair to your property. Instead, sell it just the way it is right now!

  • Quick Answers

    Investors move quickly! The decision time period for many investors will be a matter of hours or days.

  • Find a Buyer: Now

    Investors make very quick decisions about whether they want a property and how much they’ll pay for it.

  • Quick Sale

    Investors move quickly! The decision time period for many investors will be a matter of hours or days.

  • Cash

    Working with cash allows investors to quickly buy properties. There is no waiting for bank approval.

  • Investor Pricing

    Expect to sell the property for somewhat less that it is worth. Investors don’t pay top dollar prices.

Are You Ready To Sell Your Property?

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When is the right time to talk to an investor?

  • You’re sick and tired of the situation
  • The property is damaged, and you don’t want to fix it
  • Your property is outdated
  • Putting a team of contractors and handymen together seems like too much work
  • Money is tight and you can’t make repairs
  • You don’t want to rent the house out
  • Time is of the essence

We here at Housing Gurus are also real estate investors. If you’re looking to sell your property, and selling to an investor might be the right fit for you, we’d love to talk more.

 What you can expect after filling out this form:

  1. We’ll reach out to you within the next 48 hours
  2. A quick and confidential discussion about the situation and the property
  3. A brief walk through of the house
  4. And then a cash offer!!

Yes, it’s really that simple! If you’d like to sell and it makes sense to take the “investor sales route”, then we’d love to buy it. If the offer doesn’t work for you, we completely understand! As investors, we keep emotions out of our decisions. If our numbers work for you, we can buy your property and problem!