Answer to Your Inheritance Housing Questions

Inheriting a house can be an incredibly challenging ordeal. When you take into account family, emotions, lawyers, paperwork, and the property, there is a lot going on. There are often confusing terms and foreign concepts, and too few resources to help understand how it all works.

We at Housing Gurus strive to provide answers, thought and clarity about some of life’s tougher housing questions. We’ve found that there are hundreds of places for a person to learn about traditional housing questions; however, there aren’t as many answers on the stickier situations, like inheriting a property.

As the phrase goes: “Hope for the best. Plan for the worst”

We hope that your life does go according to plan (and you don’t need to spend one more second on this website). However, if you find the worst has happened, hopefully we may provide some answers and insights into navigating your inheritance.

Within this website, you’ll find detailed articles and discussions about how inheriting a home works. Whether you’re stuck on subjects like power of attorney, estate planning, the inheritance tax, what an executor is, who is an heir and how a will works, we’ve got something for you. We hope that you might learn a little more about the topic, and navigate your inheritance in a swift and smart way!

Inheriting A House 101

You’ve inherited a house . . . here are some important things to be thinking about.

Consider Your Options

Should you move into the house? Sell it? Maybe rent the house out?

All About Taxes

Make sure you understand the estate tax and capital gains tax. They are important!

Sell to An Investor

The easiest option might be to sell the property and problem to an experienced investor.