Answers to Your Landlord Questions

Being a landlord can be incredibly rewarding and also incredibly challenging. Many people embark on becoming a landlord because they stumbled upon a great deal, inherited a house, or just found themselves in a position where they were now calling the shots. Few of us were young children in school that said when we grow up, we want to become landlords. Yet here we are!

We at Housing Gurus strive to provide answers, thought and clarity about some of life’s tougher housing questions. We’ve found that there are hundreds of places for a person to learn about traditional housing questions; however, there aren’t as many answers on the stickier situations, like all those that a landlord faces.

As the phrase goes: “Hope for the best. Plan for the worst”

We hope that your life does go according to plan (and you don’t need to spend one more second on this website). However, if you’ve got some questions, hopefully we may provide some answers and insights into navigating your property, tenant and situation you might find yourself in.

Within this website, you’ll find detailed articles and discussions about different facets of being a landlord. Whether you’re just starting out and have some basic questions, or you’re a seasoned pro and want to dig a little deeper, we hope that you find this content helpful! Hopefully, you might learn a little more about the topic, common questions and mistakes, and smart resolutions that make your life easier!

Landlording 101

Finding good tenants, leasing it out, and maintaining your property. . . the key details. 

Common Problems

Repairs come in all sizes, big and small. Tenants can damage the house, not pay rent or be difficult to work with. Here are some common problems. . . 

Sell to An Investor

The easiest option might be to sell the property and problem to an experienced investor.