Our Mission

From day one, Housing Gurus has been committed to providing thorough information and unique views for people approaching difficult housing situations. The company strives to help people understand how they should look at their problems and begin to move forward from them.

The founders of Housing Gurus are seasoned real estate investors, and have encountered many of the perplexing housing questions in their own time. And the goal is to pass on many of the nuggets of information to those people searching for answers to their own problems.

Housing Gurus also provides a platform for individuals who have decided to sell their property to receive a cash offer and explore the potential of selling it directly to an investor. We at Housing Gurus are always looking for our next investments, and would be happy to look at any property to see if it might be a fit for us directly.

  • Eviction.  Tenants help make your property an investment. Their rent helps to pay the taxes and insurance. But sometimes the relationship doesn’t work out well. Is time that your tenant leaves the house?
  • Divorce.  Life happens and divorce happens. Now you need to divide the assets and figure out who will get what. What happens to the house?
  • Fire.  Nobody wants a fire in their house. They are emotionally draining, costly, and often leave more questions than answers. Did you just have a fire in your house?
  • Inheritance.  We can’t take our property with us to the grave. The end of life is emotional and challenging, and so is dividing the house. Are you trying to figure out what to do with an inherited house?
  • Landlord.  Owners love talking about cash flow, returns, and investments. But they fail to mention how hard being a landlord is. Have you run into a few road bumps while landlording?
  • Violation.  If your house is in disrepair, you might get a violation. The city and county want to keep things looking nice (and make their income). What do you do if you’ve gotten a violation?

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